In May 1990, shortly after the democratic changes in Hungary, 12 software engineers working in the West at the time decided to found their own human resources leasing company, Gamax Ltd. Managing director of the new company, Dr. Géza Homonnay already had some experience in this area.

In 1992-93, the range of activities of the young company expanded. While the main activity continued to be the leasing of IT personnel, the company also started selling hardware and software in Hungary. Since 1993, a separate company, GAMAXNET Kft. was formed to carry out this activity, specializing in wide-area network (WAN) infrastructure services for data communications.

In 1993, the company was selected to provide software localization services for Microsoft. In 1994, we were one of only four companies in Eastern Europe that received the prestigious “Microsoft Strategic Localization Partner” award. The company has localized software and related documentation for many multinationals, e.g. Digital, HP, IBM, Lexmark, Lotus, Motorola, Nokia, Novell, Oracle, Xerox etc. Apart from Hungarian, we localize and translate into the other Eastern European languages as well.

In 1997, we established several Internet-related departments. At first, we specialized in building websites, then a complete design and graphics team was set up to provide high quality services in the area of web based software development. In 2002, this department was spun off into a separate company, Instantweb Kft..

Basic information

Founded: May 1990
Share capital: 132 million HUF (cca. USD500,000)
Managing director: Dr. Géza Homonnay
Owners: 5 Hungarian citizens
Employees: 100 full-time and 50 part-time.
Number of leased workers (end of 2016): 1,000.

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GamaxMédia Kft.
Gamax Laboratory Solutions Kft.
Pannon-Work Zrt.
Grosvenor Kft.

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May 1990
  • Founding of GAMAX Kft.
  • 12 software engineers working abroad.
  • own human resource leasing company.

Expanded scope of activities:
hardware and software sales in Hungary

Founding of GAMAXNET Kft

Sales in new company:
Founding of GAMAXNET Kft.


Great success in data communications and
wide-area network (WAN) infrastructure.


New activity: software localization
First major client: Microsoft.


“Microsoft Strategic Localization Partner” Award.


Software and documentation localization for several multinationals (Digital, HP, IBM, Lexmark, Lotus, Motorola, Nokia, Novell, Oracle, Xerox).


Expanded range of activities:
Internet based software development


Complete design and development team.


Grosvenor Kft provides payroll and HR outsourcing services since 1999.


CDSYS Kft focuses on IT security,
Identity Management, IT Compliance, and
data leaks.


CDSYS Kft is the Platinum level partner of Symantec,
and also the first Symantec Data Loss Prevention Specialist
partner, as well as Symantec Enterprise Security and Preferred
Compliance Partner in Hungary. We have the largest expert base in the area of
Oracle/SUN, CA and ForgeRock Identity Management in Hungary.


Pannon-Work Zrt becomes part of the Gamax Group, and becomes one of the largest HR service provider in Hungary.


In Hungary, CDSYS Kft is the sole representative of
VeriSign products, part of Symantec and Geotrust and
Thawte certificates as well.


In 2013, the Gamax Group completed the two largest and complete data archiving project in Hungary,

, one for the Paks Nuclear Station, the other for MAVIR


Pannon-Work Zrt has a nationwide network, an office in Slovakia
and in 16 locations, offering employment to adults
, students and companies.


CDSYS Kft is present in the market as the preferred partner of Fortinet and McAfee.


Leased employees of the Pannon-Work group work millions of hours a year
, Pannon-Work Zrt provides human resources to 150 companies
and businesses continuously
, and provides work to 2600 students as well.



Business Areas:

Software development

Our software development team consists of the best experts, each with decades-long experience.

We have a unique approach to our projects, project management is given the primary role, be it our own or our customer’s, and documentation, which we continuously prepare and hand over to our clients, according to their needs. We believe that perfect work is no longer enough today, we have to work in a plannable, transparent way.

We know that the best recognition is a returning customer. We have been working for years for a Forbes 50 company on a hardware development with 15 engineers of ours, to the greatest satisfaction of our customer.

We are proud that we have built a Nearshore Development Center for a large German logistics company with the help of our 40 software engineers. During the development, we worked with the most developed technologies and methodologies, in JAVA, .Net, TIBCO and Oracle environments.

Software localization and translation

We started our localization activities in 1993 by localizing Microsoft products. This not only meant translating it, but also adjusting the product to the local culture, legal environment etc. Creating the user interface of the Hungarian version of the product included all software engineering work and testing as well. Concurrently with localizing the programs, we prepared the Hungarian language sample applications, the documentation, the Help section, and other auxiliary materials as well. Customers soon included Apple, IBM, Oracle, Novell, Lotus, Symantec, Corel, whose products we also localized for the Hungarian market. Since 2000, we have been localizing medical, pharmaceutical and financial products, games, and Sincmarketing materials from English, German and French.

Besides Hungarian, target languages now include all Central and Eastern European languages, as well as Chinese and Japanese with the help of freelance translators and subcontractors. Apart from the most up-to-date translation tools, we have also been using special-purpose quality assurance tools built in-house.

Apart from full-scale localization work, we have also been providing testing and quality assurance services to other companies, as well as consulting services in the areas of terminology, preparation of term bases and software engineering and DTP work. If needed, we’ll take part in analyzing and planning the translation workflow with the customer.

The quality of the source text determines the quality of the target text, so, when requested, we will work with the customer to check the source text for style and quality. Our customers are mostly from Germany, the UK, Japan, and the US, but we also prepare foreign language materials for Hungarian companies as well.

We put extra emphasis on quality, cost effectiveness and the adherence to deadlines. We regularly take part in international conferences to keep up with the latest development in translation technology. Our company is a founding member of GALA, the industry’s international organization.

Our services include DTP work (pictures, graphics, infographics, their translation and insertion, preparation of tables of contents, indices, generation of PostScript files), linguistic quality assurance, testing (including linguistic and functional testing), software engineering work (editing and regressive fault fixing), printing, and documentation.

If requested, we will check for sources, and source files and make modifications if necessary.

We can also prepare the full documentation of Hungarian language programs (printed materials, Help section, training materials etc.), also the linguistic and functional testing, editing and proofreading and quality assurance of software, operating systems, applications, and web pages as well.

Thanks to the latest translation tools, our software, and quality control programs developed in-house, we work fast, effectively and accurately.

We have substantial experience in translating from English, French into all Eastern and Central European languages, as well as Chinese and Japanese.

But perfect quality is not enough. We also strive to provide a more readable, clearer, and more enjoyable translation than the original, both to our customers and to the users of the future.

Digitalization, document archiving

What is competitive advantage?

The best possible, most accurate and latest information and the decisions based on them.
But! A lot of information is from the pre-digital era. They exist on paper. They are needed to recognize trends and to make forecasts. A lot of information only exists on paper, and they must be made available in digital, searchable, indexable format for both employees and management.

Let’s talk about costs!

Documents accumulated over the years or decades take up a lot of space, their storage is expensive and cumbersome.

Let’s talk about security!

These documents now exists in one single copy, perhaps 2 or 3 copies, but all in one place. If anything happens at that location, and those documents are lost, it can be difficult or impossible to replace them. They also tend to fade out and become hard to read as the years go passing by.

We have a solution!

In recent years we have completed several significant projects from scanning to indexing and making documents searchable. We did this based on our multi-decade software and hardware experience, and by creating fast, well-structured databases for our clients, including friendly user interfaces, and training programs if needed, making the transition as seamless as possible.

Gain competitive advantage!
We’re here to help.

IT human resources leasing

In Hungary, we were the first to offer human resources leasing services.
Currently we lease about 300 IT experts in Hungary, Europe and overseas.

Whether you need system engineers, software developers, database administrators, project managers, testers, our database contains the best of the industry as well as young talent as well. We are able to provide qualified resources in all IT areas within a short time thanks to our database of more than 10,000 IT experts.

We are proud to be working with multinational companies, including one on the Forbes 50 list, to which we have provided 150 operators on a recent European network operations project.

Economic environment

Hungary’s capital, Budapest is, due to its favourable geographic location, and its leading economic and political role in the region, an ideal place for a company to manage its regional presence.

It is no surprise that companies like Coca-Cola, Shell, Procter&Gamble and others have chosen Budapest as its regional headquarters. In the past 10 years, the country has undergone substantial changes, and by today it has a developed market economy, excellent infrastructure, banking and legal environment, which all attract foreign investors. As a result, more than 20 billion USD working capital has been invested in Hungary in the past 10 years. The country’s GDP has been increasing steadily and inflation shows a decreasing tendency.

Hungary has always been one of the leaders in software intelligence, and the highly trained Hungarian software engineers are sought after worldwide, which is key to our IT human resources leasing activity.


Areas of activity:

Central European
Headquarters: Budapest

European Union Projects


Demand forecast of pharmaceutical products, forecast based on weather research, intelligent service platform methodologies

The duration of the tender: Jan 1, 2013 – Feb 28, 2015
Contribution by the Government of Hungary: HUF 178,749,995
Beneficiary: Gamax Informatikai és Munkaerő-kölcsönző Kft.
Tender ID: KMR_12-1-2012-0206.

The tender was completed at the end of Feb 2015. The purpose of the project was to prepare a weather-based demand forecast research methodology in the form of an IT platform, which is based on the input of current weather data and is able to forecast demand for medicines and health-improving products.

The purpose of the project was to prepare a weather-based demand forecast research methodology in the form of an IT platform, which is based on the input of current weather data and is able to forecast demand for medicines and health-improving products. With the special expert system, the manufacture, sourcing, distribution and consumer demand of pharmaceutical products can be forecast.

Apart from the forecast methodology, the examination of special trends was also part of the project, since they show how climate change can effect the activities of the pharmaceutical industry.
Analyses of climate change, aiming to forecast consumer demand, may help with the long-term, decade-long planning in the individual sectors.

The special analyses of the decision-support system, forecasts, primarily help actors in the pharmaceutical and health industries, but also provide useful information to other sectors as well. Information from the intelligent advisory system can be incorporated effectively into the business decision process.
By implementing this solution, there are now more industries that are able to take advantage of information from weather research and climate trends.

The project was completed with the help of the Government of Hungary, and with financing by the National Research, Development and Innovation Fund.

Further information:

Ernő Pesty, project manager
Tel.: 06-1-372-0696

szechenyi info

Cultural activities

Since 2003, our group has managed one of the most prestigious tennis clubs in Budapest, Park Tennis Club, at Bottomless Lake.

The main building of the club, originally founded in 1908, has been totally restored, and fitness and wellness sections and a restaurant, as well as a parking lot have been added. Park Tennis Club functions as a casual business club, and many hobbyist tennis players spend their leisure hours here.

The Club is also home to the largest professional tennis club, MTK. Within the club, almost 70 young players compete on a regular basis, and many an excellent player, among others Attila Balázs, György Balázs, Kornél Bardóczky, and Tímea Babos and Réka Jani practice and play here.
Our top junior players, Zsombor Piros, Dalma Gálfi and Anna Bondár are among the world’s best. Our coaches, led by Balázs Gáspár, are all experienced and recognized professionals. In the past years, both the men’s and the women’s team won the annual team championship, the so-called Superleague.

12 courts (11 clay, 1 US Open hard court) open year-round (covered with tents in the winter), from 6am to 10pm. The club is also home to many events, from social to sports, from weddings to product shows.

Many of our employees play this wonderful sport as well, or stop by for a massage or a healing workout.